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Fracture Healing
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Clinical Applications

Fracture Healing

Each year, over 3 million U.S. adults experience bone fractures that restrict their physical activity and their ability to work.

Accelalox therapies may allow patients to resume normal activities more quickly and may permit earlier removal of casts and fixation devices.

In healthy adults, approximately 7% of bone fractures do not heal properly. For adults who are diabetic or overweight or who smoke, the rate of non-healing or delayed healing can be 30%.

Accelalox therapies may reduce the incidence of non-healing and delayed healing complications.


This femur fracture in a 29-year old man hit by a car was treated with intramedullary rod fixation. The patient was released from physical therapy 26 weeks after the fracture and reported complete recovery one year after the trauma, a typical recovery period. With our therapy, fracture patients may resume recreational and exercise activities several months sooner.

Femur x-rays

External Fixation

External Fixation - Leg and ArmExternal fixation offers advantages over casting and internal fixation in some fractures, including this tibia fracture (top) and radius fracture (bottom). Holes are drilled into uninjured areas of bone around the fracture and pins connected to the rigid external frame are screwed into the holes. The patient with the tibia fracture endured this frame for six months. With our therapy, external fixation may be removed sooner.

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Tibia fractures have the highest incidence of delayed and non-union complications. Our therapy may significantly reduce the incidence of these complications.

Tibia x-rays

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This 42 year old man suffered a fractured clavicle (collarbone), which was treated with internal fixation and rhBMP (a growth factor) and required six months to heal. With our therapy, fracture patients may returne to work (and play) more quickly.

Clavical x-rays

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Hand x-rayA skiing accident caused the multiple fractures in this man’s hand. With our therapy, he may return to work more quickly and experienced less pain.


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