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Clinical Applications

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion surgery treats patients with debilitating pain or functional deficits arising from disease or other spine conditions. Achieving fusion is medically challenging as a very large amount of new bone must grow where bone previously did not exist - between the vertebrae to be fused. To promote bone growth, surgeons typically harvest bone from the patient’s hip or use a combination of cadaver bone and a growth factor known as recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP). While these therapies increase the success rate of spinal fusion, they can also result in serious complications.

Accelalox therapies will offer surgeons a very cost effective method to promote bone growth without the potential complications of the current therapies.

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Disc Disease

Disc Disease x-raysThe rods and screws used in spinal surgery provide temporary stability until a bridge of new bone fuses the vertebrae together.  The instrumentation will loosen or fail if bone fusion does not develop.  Bone fusion replaces the instrumentation in its role of stabilizing the vertebrae.

Use of our therapy would improve the probability of successful fusion while avoiding the potential complications of current therapies to promote fusion.

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Treatment of scoliosis requires extensive fusion of the spine.  Inadequate fusion can result in pain, hardware failure and additional surgery.  Our therapy will increase bone growth and reduce the failure rate of this procedure.

Scoliosis x-ray

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